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Apr 28, 2010 7:00am EDT
, senator jay rockefeller, senator mike enzi, and travel to the sago mine disaster in west virginia. got to see firsthand the tragedy of the deaths of miners in an accident, got to meet first in with the families of those west virginia that had lost their lives. still have the picture of junior that was given to me by his daughter who later attended the signing at the old executive office building of the money act which senator rockefeller myself, senator enzi and kennedy were proud to be a part of. i take this thing probably more serious and i think about anything because when you look in the face of someone who has lost their loved ones to a tragedy, no matter what that tragedy is, you really understand the full impact of the loss of human life. none of us on this committee want to do anything other than to ensure the laws that we have worked in interest of the safety of miners and make sure that we approach these with very serious and studied opinions. in particular, i was very pleased at that time to work in a deliberate way to make sure that we found that the determination of the ca
Apr 14, 2010 7:00am EDT
sorry for what happened at virginia tech university. and that was really striking to me, that obviously there's a satellite televisions everywhere, but can we imagine that in this country? can we imagine someone in a small town in america knowing something that happened in iran? hopefully with the internet and with blogs and with that new media, blossoming as it is, we will. but that's the kind of thing face-to-face contact really does, and it's great as we've had and why we continue to promote it. i had other people tell me how much they loved dr. phil and desperate housewives. and a lot of terrible -- >> these are good things? positive sign? >> but the fact that i would argue many iranians know so much more about the united states then we know about iran. and i want to emphasize that this exchange and dialogue is really in both directions. and we talk about a level playing field. it's not about bringing iranians here to be taught about america and our values. it's really a shared and common dialog. so that some of the expenses that we've had. >> mohammad? >> an example, someone who ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2